Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dragon Age 2

This is my reason for not posting lately :D I've basically been living in DA2.
I finished my first playthrough, Garrett Hawke, a male rogue.

>>>>Only read this post if you don't mind mild spoilers!<<<<


My Garrett was a fun-loving good-hearted kinda guy, who always took care of his sister, Bethany. He was never close to his younger brother, but regretted this greatly when he was killed.

I roleplayed him as a romantic at heart - gender didn't matter to him, but love did, above all else. When it was clear that Isabela wasn't looking for that, he romanced Anders - what can I say, it was unavoidable :D although I did become VERY disillusioned with Anders after his quest in Act 3, I really wished I had rivalmanced him at that point, because when you friendmance him there's no option to tell him he's being a douche. Never mind, I'm glad I romanced him on my first playthrough. I highly recommend it, because once you see the ending it won't really be the same again.

My second playthrough, a female mage, is called Natalie. Her look was sort of based on Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley, but I wanted her to look quite stern and not ridiculously pretty. Natalie Hawke is direct, no-nonsense, snarky when appropriate, and comes down hard on those who threaten her. She was very close to her sister (also a mage) and was totally heartbroken for ages after she died. Natalie has a rivalry with her brother Carver, she wishes he would grow up and find his own way. Their relationship is a poor substitute for her closeness to Bethany, and it has made her bitter towards him.

This is what she looked like, as time passed in Kirkwall:

These last two pictures are from Act 3. I tried to make her look older and less forgiving :D She is romancing Fenris, trying to make him see that it is only the weak, untrained mages that he need fear. She abhors blood magic, and despite having this in common with Anders, she can't reconcile his choosing to be possessed by Justice with his hatred of blood magic and demons. She thinks he's a massive hypocrite. I'm close to the end of this playthrough, can't wait for the conclusion of the romance.

And my third playthrough will be Althea Hawke, two-handed warrior. She's a lawful-good sweet girl who believes in the Maker and just wants to protect what's left of her family. She looks up to Aveline a lot. I think I'll rivalmance Sebastian with her... though how that's going to work I have no idea atm :D

So there you have it. The reason I've not been simming recently. Well, also I've been writing my Dragon Age: Origins FF, a joint effort with one of my friends who also loves the game. We haven't posted any of it yet, but hopefully I can convince her to soon, because we've written something like 25,000 words between us so that should be a reasonable buffer for our slow-ass writing...

Till next time

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