Sunday, 23 January 2011

Link to Roo's Sims!


I made a mini banner, please use it to link here! (Or don't, no obligation hehe)

It's 100x40 px.

I made a new sim today as well, will upload her soon. Her name is Sophie:

She's inspired by someone I know, though I know her only vaguely... would actually be quite embarrassing if she happened to stumble across this site and saw this XD. Unlikely though.

Please leave comments below, or even just to say hi if you feel like it.

- Roo

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Felt like making a Middle-Eastern beauty :) The name Sholeh is Persian and means 'flame'. 

Bio: Sholeh aspires to shock people with her sharp tongue and 1337 guitar skillz someday. She's also a grumpy bitch who doesn't hesitate to imply that your mother is a llama, should she take a disliking you.

Jeans free from EA/T-Mobile Promo download

Ida Torvald

You see these kinds of girls in Norway ALL the time (at least in northern Norway). They walk around in the skinniest of skinny jeans and not particularly warm clothes with one metre of snow on the ground and while they look stunning, sometimes they border on the ridiculous. At least you can't freeze to death in TS3, hey.

Bio: Norwegian girl who loves skiing. Sweet, softspoken. Family oriented. Ida doesn't really like to dress up, she prefers casual chic and athletic clothing.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Alexander Stylianou

Inspired by the guy in Katy Perry's Hot 'N' Cold video, who hesitates at the altar but marries her at the end of the song after she's spent it going on about how he's probably no good for her. Yeah. What's the message there, Katy? I thought this sim looked kinda Greek, hence the surname. He has some weird nose-shadow thing going on but I did my best to minimise it. Sorry if that bothers you.

Bio: Alexander thinks rather highly of himself, and as a result never thinks his girlfriends are good enough for him. Scared of commitment and dark closets.

Brows by Helaene download (she's stopped creating :< )

Monday, 17 January 2011

Yoona Kim

Inspired by lalalaurenzo's tireless endeavours to recreate all 9 SNSD members on modthesims. I've tried making Chinese and Japanese sims, and this is my attempt at Korean. Apart from everyday, all Yoona's outfits are basegame, but CASted to look nice, so there's less crap to download for her. Let me know if there are any problems.

Bio: Typical cute Kpop wannabe. Childish, workaholic, artistic, hopeless romantic, charismatic. Blah.

Donation playsuit by Liana, download set
Donation hair by Rose, download
Eyeshadow and blush (swoop) by LadyFrontBum

Saturday, 15 January 2011


first post zomg!!!11

Hey. My name is Roonya, Roo for short. This nascent blog will contain all my creations for the Sims 3 (mostly sims and houses), cool things I find around the interwebs (from Sims-related to totally unrelated) and probably a good deal of nonsense. Mostly I'll stick to talking about my favourite computer games, Sims 3, WoW, Dragon Age etc. If you don't like my nonsense, just click on the Sims-related tags to get to the downloads :D

Also, if I don't upload for a while, it's because I'm supposed to be studying. (But, naturally, I'm probably just procrastinating in a different way.)

- Roo