Thursday, 19 July 2012


*Takes out of Simbin and dusts off* 

Bio: Maria is a world-class gymnast. She plans to go into politics once she is too old to compete, because she believes she can make a positive difference to the world that way. She also gives to charity and doesn't eat animals. Surely this girl must have some flaws...? 


The Roomies House

Back from the dead! 

I've just finished my degree so I've got some free time again, which is nice. I've wanted to upload a house for aaaages. This one has three double-bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen/living/dining room, one bathroom and a downstairs toilet. It's designed for youngish roommates rather than a family.

Lot size: 20x20
3 bedrooms
85,374 furnished
(~39,000 unfurnished)

This house has almost no CC. The little it does use can be dispensed with, except for Qbuilderz' windows, which I highly recommend having anyway. However, it probably requires Late Night, because of the stage in the TV area.