Friday, 4 March 2011

Camille and Marisa Ikeda

New sims! Camille and Marisa Ikeda are sisters born to a Japanese father and an Irish mother. Marisa is sweet and caring while Camille is ambitious and hard to impress. I'll upload their parents another time :)


"Excuuuse me?"

I sneezed irl and then she did literally one second later. *Sneeze* lol

"Can we please have lunch nao fgs..."
Skin (mandarin ND) by MCalero
Hair by Anubis
Brows by Subaxi
Freckles by Papercat
Beauty mark by Daluved
Lipstick by Subaxi
Eyeshadow (romance) by LFB
Jean skirt by All About Style
Boots by MYOS

Skin (as above)
Hair by MissBonbon (last hair)
Brows (as above)
Lips by Papercat
Dress by MYOS